New Major Release of GRASS GIS

Vaclav (Vashek) Petras
Anna Petrasova

NCSU GeoForAll Lab at the Center for Geospatial Analytics
NC State University

NCGIS 2021 Virtual

Vaclav (Vashek) Petras

  • BS & MS in Geoinformatics, Czech Technical University in Prague
  • PhD in Geospatial Analytics, NC State
  • Geospatial Research Software Engineer at NC State
  • GRASS GIS Development Team Member
  • GRASS GIS Project Steering Committee Member
  • Open Source Geospatial Foundation Charter Member

Community & Shared Improvements

  • GRASS GIS community:
    • Provides software to the public.
    • Shares its source code.
    • Includes latest additions.

Credit goes to the whole community, not just this talk's authors.

Real Virtual Community

  • Open community of users and developers
  • Contributors to code, documentation, translations, …
  • Project Steering Committee
  • PSC Chair: Ver√≥nica Andreo

Access to Source Code

Documentation links to relevant parts of the source code.

by Luca Delucchi

Scientific Foundation

  • references to related scientific papers
  • references to papers associated with a tool

Return of Investment

  • Emphasis on backwards compatibility
  • No increasing license fees over time
  • Employer-independent
  • Contractor-independent


  • All matured tools available right away
  • Download of experimental tools possible
  • Network analysis, hydrology, remote sensing, …


  • Roadmap:
    • 7.8.5 December 2020
    • 7.8.6 Spring 2021
    • 8.0.0 Spring 2021
      • Presented here
      • PROJ 6.0.0, 7.0.0 (and above) support
    • 8.0.1 Summer 2021

Dark Theme Support

Interface respects system dark theme.

by Anna Petrasova, Nicklas Larsson

Improved First-time User Experience

Initial project sets up automatically. Guidance provided for next steps.

by Linda Kladivova & rest of the community (many reviews, calls, user surveys, …)

Centralized Data Management

All data manipulation centered around revamped Data tab.

by Linda Kladivova, Anna Petrasova, Vaclav Petras

Skeletons and Centerlines

v.voronoi tool can now create area skeletons and centerlines.

by Markus Metz

Faster External Data Links

r.external links (opens) external raster data (GeoTiffs, …) faster.
(2-5× faster, or almost no time for some workflows)

by Markus Metz

Great for workflows when only portion of the data is processed in GRASS GIS.

GitHub-centered Software Development

  • "Fork me on GitHub"
  • Filling out issues (tickets) requires only GitHub login.
  • All issues are publicly visible.

Open an Issue: Feature Request

Open an issue to suggest a new feature.

Open an Issue: Bug Report

Open an issue to report that something is not working.

Propose Changes: Pull Request

Contribute to code or documentation by proposing a set of changes.

Tests of Proposed Changes

  • To propose a change, contributor opens a pull request (PR)
  • Continuous integration (CI) in GitHub Actions runs checks
  • Checks of code quality, standards, functionality before code
  • Manual evaluation, testing and feedback
  • Repeat as needed

Google Summer of Code

  • Stipend program by Google for students.
  • Students work on code with an open source project.
  • New rules in 2021: shorter commitment, greater eligibility.
  • Students: Engage with an org. or project + Apply at Google.



NCSU CGA Support

  • open source development and support
  • research software engineering as a service
  • consultation, skill-transfer, personalized training
  • support for tools created by NCSU CGA


r.futures - set of tools for urban growth modeling

by NC State Center for Geospatial Analytics

See poster:
FUTURES v2: Urban Growth Modeling at Scale
Thursday, 5pm


r.pops.spread - Pest or Pathogen Spread simulation

by NC State Center for Geospatial Analytics

Tangible Landscape

Geospatial tangible user interface

by NC State Center for Geospatial Analytics

Valley Bottom Flatness Index

r.valley.bottom - Multi-resolution Valley Bottom Flatness (MrVBF)

by Helmut Kudrnovsky, Steven Pawley

Sentinel, MODIS, Landsat, NED, NAIP

Automated download and import of common datasets i.sentinel, i.modis,,, …

by Luca Delucchi (Fondazione Edmund Mach), Martin Landa (OpenGeoLabs), Anika Weinmann (mundialis), Guido Riembauer (mundialis), Roberta Fagandini (GSoC), Zechariah Krautwurst (GSoC), Anna Petrasova (NC State University), Vaclav Petras (NC State University), Veronica Andreo (CONICET, Argentina), …



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Twitter: vaclavpetras
LinkedIn: Vaclav Petras

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