Vaclav Petras


Software I'm developing

  • GRASS GIS logo


    GRASS GIS is a free and open source Geographic Information System (GIS) used for geospatial data management and analysis, image processing, spatial modeling, and visualization. GRASS GIS is all purpose GIS although it is focused mainly on scientific GIS applications involving big data. GRASS GIS is the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) project.

    I contribute to the GRASS GIS project by developing new features and as a part of GRASS GIS community I support GRASS users personally or through mailing list and GIS StackExchange.

    Feel free to contact me in case you have questions or you are interested in collaboration on some new features.

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    g.remote is a module for GRASS GIS which can execute any module or script on a remote machine. It can copy the data to a temporary Location on the remote machine and copy the results back.

  • patches grown by r.futures


    r.futures is a group of modules in a GRASS GIS Addons repository which implements the FUTURES model developed by Meentemeyer et al. for modeling urban growth.

  • output is a GRASS GIS module which performs 2D binning of a lidar point cloud. I added functionality to help with performing tasks such as vegetation structure statistics.

  • slices of output is a GRASS GIS module which performs 3D binning of a lidar point cloud to determine, e.g. vegetation structure. The module will be included in GRASS GIS 7.2.

  • fire simulation

    r.ros, r.spread and

    r.ros and r.spread are GRASS GIS modules for simulating elliptical fire spread. I extended their inputs and outputs and used them in module (available on GitHub) which can work with time-dependent inputs.

  • r.local.relief output shade


    r.local.relief is a GRASS GIS addon for creating a local relief model from elevation map. Usages include archeology and various terrain analysis tasks in general.

  • r.shaded.relief colorful output


    r.shaded.pca is a GRASS GIS addon which creates relief shades from various directions and combines them into RGB composition. The combined shades highlight terrain features which wouldn't be visible using standard shading technique. This tool can be used in archeology as well as general terrain analysis.

  • points on category raster


    r.sample.category is a GRASS GIS addon for creating sampling points from each category (class) in a raster map. This is a handy tool for stratified sampling.

  • r.sun.daily output in 3D


    r.sun.daily is a GRASS GIS addon for computing solar radiation for a sequence of days during a year.

  • r.sun.hourly output in 3D


    r.sun.hourly is a GRASS GIS addon for computing solar radiation during a day.

  • no picture


    g.proj.all is a GRASS GIS addon to reproject multiple raster or vector maps from one GRASS GIS Location (and CRS) to another.

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    g.rename.many is a GRASS GIS addon to rename multiple raster or vector maps based on a CSV file which is useful for example, when creating a localized dataset (or an English dataset from a localized version).

Source code repositories


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    Open HUB

    Statistics for projects I contribute to which are larger and registered at Black Duck Open Hub, formerly Ohloh (this does not include a lot of medium sized and small projects).

    Open Hub profile for wenzeslaus

    Check also full statistics about my contributions to bigger open souce projects at Black Duck Open HUB.

  • GitHub

    Statistics for projects I contribute to through GitHub (i.e. it does not cover all projects, for example GRASS GIS).


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Software I'm using

  • QGIS logo


    QGIS is a free and open source GIS which is easy to use and enables sophisticated cartographic outputs. QGIS is fully-fledged alternative to proprietary tools in terms of functionality, user interface and commercial support.

  • Leaflet logo


    Leaflet is an open source JavaScript library for interactive online maps. It is easy to use, fast and extensible by plugins.